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For most people, central air conditioning is a matter of comfort during hot, humid summer months. For others, especially the elderly, it can be a health issue. Some studies have linked high heat and humidity with increased risk of heart attacks*, for example. Regardless of why you enjoy them, air conditioners are great when they are running smoothly. But when the temperatures outside are rising and the temperature and humidity are rising inside it can cause stress and even become a potential safety concern. That’s why air conditioner services are an essential expenditure.

Keep in mind that not every air conditioning system breakdown will fall under the label of emergency service. Sometimes it’s an easy fix that can be handled with a system adjustment, cleaning or minor repair. It’s never a good day when your air conditioning system stops working and you need to call a service technician for HVAC repair services… but the sooner you call, the sooner you’ll be back to enjoying cool comfort

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