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Burst Pipe Repair

Aburst pipe can lead to permanent damage and costly repairs. The first — and most urgent —thing you must do is quickly turn off your home’s water supply to stop the water leak. Turning off the water will help reduce damage until you can access the damage. Once the water is turned off and you’re able to inspect the damage, you can decide if you want to call a plumber or make the repair yourself. Advanced plumbing skills aren’t necessary to repair a burst pipe, but you need to understand the basics.

A burst pipe at home.

Burst pipes often happen spontaneously and without warning. For this reason, repair and remediation from any water damage may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy as a perilous event. When you identify a leak, be sure to record and photograph the damage in case you need to file a claim.

Some repairs are extremely easy thanks to modern push-to-connect fittings. Others require soldering equipment. And, if your pipe burst was the result of a frozen pipe, adding a stop-and-waste valve goes a long way toward ensuring that the pipe doesn’t freeze again.

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