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Commercial Plumbing

What is Commercial Plumbing?

Commercial plumbing problems can be a nightmare. Sewage blocks, silent leaks and low water pressure, among other issues, are not only inconvenient for customers and employees; they may also force the temporary closure of your premises and cost you money.

What does a commercial plumber do?

Commercial plumbers are specialist plumbers who maintain, repair and install plumbing systems in commercial establishments such as retail outlets, schools, universities, hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing plants and care homes.

Commercial plumbers must be able to follow building plans and designs and typically work on much larger and more complex plumbing systems than a residential plumber, encompassing water heating systems, boilers, fire sprinklers and more. While a residential plumber will work on one, two or three stories, a commercial plumber may have to contend with multiple stories such as those of hotels and office buildings.

A commercial plumber may also design commercial plumbing infrastructures, including boiler systems, pipework, and waste sewage systems.

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